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A new voice for the European Union

Following the Covid 19 crisis of recent years, the European Union has had to reinvent and renew itself. This crisis has also highlighted the problem of communication between European citizens and Member States. The European Union and various European media outlets have, therefore, considered the idea of creating a common voice for the European Union.

For many years now, a common European public information service has been making its way through the European Union’s channels. Numerous European councils and services testify to this desire to create both a common European broadcasting service and a European news agency. These different services will not only have an information function for the European media but will also serve as a safeguard against misinformation and as a guarantor of the independence of the media in Europe. The Brexit events, and more recently the news in Poland, have shown the importance of the creation of a European information service, and also the creation of a European news agency.

It is also time to modernise the existing media. Journalists’ unions are the driving force behind this modernisation through the creation of projects such as « Journalism Partnerships », a service offering easier collaboration between different journalists. The creation of programmes such as « Fact Checking » allow for both a modernisation and a better level of transparency with regard to the media.

Nevertheless, different news services, such as Euractiv and Politico EU, have emphasised the importance of new technologies and their new ways of diversifying the media landscape. Suractive also points out that « The media are primarily SMEs, and the sector is very fragmented. We must, therefore, fear the economic domination of certain players and insist on the effective application of existing competition rules, taking into account the inequality of the players. The concentration of the sector can be useful for the information market ,which is dominated by GAFAs and then by public broadcasters. » A European news service is becoming a matter of course in order to allow for a diversity of information, and that is why it is important to have a European public service.

The European public space has a media presence, but unfortunately the quality has decreased over recent years. Nevertheless, a solution to this is the creation of a common European media space, which is feasible but the key to success lies in the support of the European Union in this project.


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