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What was done in the EU between COP27 and COP28?


Assessing the EU’s response post-COP27

COP28 UAE, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023, but what has been the outcome of the last COP27 on the European Union climate policies?

COP27 was held in Egypt in 2022 and was driven by the themes of justice and ambition. Justice with regard to the decision to establish a loss and damage fund, which would have an impact on « billions of people, lives and livelihoods who are vulnerable to the effects of climate change ». Ambition with regard to keeping the 1.5-degree limit to avoid a climate disaster. However, this did not do much to improve efforts on climate change or inspire real action.

What about the EU?

Since COP27, the EU has made a substantial contribution to the climate damage fund for vulnerable nations. They also acted against misleading environmental claims by making companies prove their green statements with evidence through the Green Claims Directive. Additionally, the EU launched the Fit for 55 package, which includes measures such as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and rules against deforestation in products sold in the EU.

Climate Action Tracker suggests that we are heading towards a 2.4-degree Celsius rise. COP27 urged nations to enhance the commitments towards the 1.5-degree limit set in the Paris Agreement, but only the EU and eight other countries, including the UAE, have stepped up so far.

Europe has always been seen as a leader in climate action, but it needed to reaffirm its leadership during the COP28 amid challenges to have a common voice between a more and more fragmented EU. COP28 also highlighted that Europe cannot tackle climate change alone, as it requires international cooperation.


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