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Pet abandonment is increasing due to the energy crisis


The current energy crisis in Europe is having an impact on our pets. More and more of them are abandoned. The problem is very heavy bills and some can no longer afford to feed or care for their dog or cat. The energy crisis is putting a strain on household wallets, which is what makes the animal shelter, already under pressure, fear an increase in abandonment.  

Shelters must regularly refuse to take in certain animals because there is no room. In France  11,000 cats, 4,000 dogs, several hundred rodents and small reptiles, and about 30 horses have been abandoned. In four months, the 63 shelters of the Society for the Protections of Animals (SPA) have faced a massive influx of abandoned animals. In total, 16,457 animals were collected. In some shelters, the setting up of a waiting list was sometimes necessary: people who came to give up their animal were invited to « wait a little », to « think » and to come back a few weeks later if they did not change their mind. 

But this waiting list system doesn’t work with inflation these days. People can no longer afford to provide for themselves and their animals. They are faced with such difficulties that they can no longer feed their animals or meet their essential needs such as very expensive medical treatments. They then ask the shelters to take over. 

Another consequence of the very high energy prices, is the number of adoption of pets which is strongly decreasing. People are excessively reluctant to adopt during this period, but it is the only way to get animals out of shelters. 

We must hope that energy prices within the European Union will stagnate or decrease, and we must also encourage people to adopt and not buy from kennels, breeders or online, so that the shelters have the space to accommodate those who are abandoned. 


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